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Become an organizer!

First, on behalf of the organizers and racers, we are eternally grateful for the support and help of volunteers who contribute for 20 years to the Corsica Raid Aventure an event out of the ordinary.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Do you dream of participating in the organization and living this unique experience which will allow you to discover Corsica, an island of beauty, a unique culture, nature and heritage? Are you stiff, former stiff, passionate about outdoor sports or without being athletic you simply want to experience an extraordinary adventure?

So come bring your dynamism, your will, your know-how and your good humor and thus allow Corsica Raid Aventure to deploy all the magic of Corsica.

Several missions are possible depending on your skills and availability:

1 / Before the Corsica Raid Aventure:

  • Design, definition, location and reconnaissance of the routes before the raid: many days sometimes immersed in the field, sometimes digging through maps and exchanging by email and phone in order to build a perfect race.

  • Writing and translations of race documents and communication materials. It communicates a lot: to the participants as well as to the outside world: information note, technical sheets, regulations, road-books, kit and press releases. And in addition everything must be translated.

  • Preparation and management of the safety file with the multiple authorities concerned: town halls, prefectures, safety administrations, institutions managing the environment, landowners. Office work, phone calls and emails take a long time to obtain all the authorizations.

  • Establishment of stages and relations with the actors of the territories hosting the Corsica Raid Aventure. There are a thousand and one details large and small that must be considered beforehand in order for the raid to function optimally.

2 / During the Corsica Raid Aventure:

  • Field technicians: installation and removal of beacons, safety, field monitoring, because the Adventure only takes on its full dimension thanks to the safety and accuracy of the routes. So you have to be at the heart of the route everywhere.

  • Emergency doctors and nurses in the field, and specialized first aiders, since we seek to be at the heart of the action, on the courses. The medical and rescue teams therefore work with the technical teams.

  • Race marshal: management of checkpoints, team monitoring, road safety, team relations, translations for foreign raiders, and everything related to race monitoring.

  • Logistics and promotion: from morning to night, the LOG team takes care of all the details: start and finish banding, radio, equipment for each sector works in the best conditions, stage ceremonies, glass of the friendship every evening, closing night.

  • Race HQ & Classification: From the arrival of each stage and at the Assistance Points, the Race HQ follows and controls the smooth running of the race, checks the arrangements made by the organizers, informs the race management, carries out the classifications.

  • Photo - Video: the goal is to bring back professional images in HD photos and in TV format video, from all points of the raid, and there are many places to shoot more beautiful than the others.

  • Press relations and management - info: On site, several journalists are monitoring the raid and their needs must be managed with the organizational sectors concerned, but by far the press needs to receive a lot of information, just like of course the outside world following the raid. raid.

  • Public relations: In each town and village crossed, the inhabitants and their elected officials welcome us every day. At each stage partners and sponsors come to meet the raid. At each arrival, the official announcer of the raid animates the city stage.

To become an organizer, register on:

Once we have analyzed your profile, we will contact you for a first contact which will allow us to determine the organizational missions that may be entrusted to you.

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